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Tech Team:

DEI Company is an intensive program designed for serious dancers. Students on the team must take a minimum number of classes per week and are expected to attend all assigned competitions and conventions. Company students are held to a high standard regarding work ethic, attitude, attendance, and technical ability. Levels include Mini, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

The main difference between our open-level classes and our competitive company is the time commitment. In order to be in Company, students must first audition and be accepted to join the team. There are minimum class requirements, and there is a significant weekend commitment. Within our recreational program, students are flexible in the classes they take. We strongly recommend that everyone take ballet because it is the foundation of all dance disciplines, however, is is not required for recreational students. 

Hip-Hop Crew:

Hip-hop is a fusion dance genre that incorporates elements of popping, locking, and breaking and is typically performed to hip-hop, R&B, funk, electronic, or pop music. 

HH Crew dancers are not required to take ballet. They are required to take Hip-Hop class weekly. HH Crew dancers will have weekend rehearsals. HH Crew dancers will also perform with our technical Company Dancers at local competitions and conventions. 

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