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Brandee Stuart

Brandee Stuart is a renowned dance educator and choreographer with a remarkable career spanning 25 years. Graduating with a Minor in Dance from George Mason University, Brandee's passion for dance has been the driving force behind her success. As a former member of Culture Shock, DC, she embraced the art form and honed her skills to perfection.


Throughout her illustrious journey, Brandee has collaborated with prominent recording artists, including Ruff Endz at the Afram Festival in Baltimore and David Cory at the WKYS festival. Her exceptional choreography has left a lasting impact on the stage, garnering her numerous accolades at both regional and national competitions.


As an inspiring teacher, Brandee has nurtured countless talented dancers, guiding them to pursue careers in various areas of the dance industry. Many of her former students have gone on to dance professionally, reflecting her exceptional mentorship and influence.


Brandee Stuart's dedication and artistic vision have shaped the dance community profoundly, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts and minds of dancers and enthusiasts alike. Her passion for dance and commitment to nurturing talent continue to inspire generations of artists to follow their dreams.

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